Specialised communication management

Volapuk Communication provides expert advice and services in the fields of communication and language to companies and member organisations.

We are specialised in communication audits: we trace, map and evaluate the specific communication needs of an organisation in close cooperation with human and technical resource managers. Based on this information, a company can take concrete steps to implement an improved and more balanced communication strategy. An audit can provide answers to questions like:

  1. What’s the next thing in social media? Should we have a Facebook page?

  2. Are there ways to get individual departments more strongly engaged in the business goals of our company? How can we connect the departmental silos?

  3. How do we deal with our company being mentioned/mocked/abused on Twitter?

  4. Our tech team and sales force seem to be battling constantly, what can we do?

  5. That new website looks great, but does it get the message across?

Another area of expertise is membership management: federations, interest groups and other membership associations require a clear-cut communication plan to ensure that the individual companies and organisations are permanently reminded of the value of membership. We have extensive experience in communicating with and for members and in devising a communication strategy for organisations that speak on behalf of many different companies.

Other competencies include media relations, business writing seminars, copywriting and event moderation.

For more information: info@volapuk.be